Kinemaster Lite APK For Android

Kinemaster Lite APK For Android

Kinemaster Lite APK is the smallest version of Kinemaster where you can edit a lot of videos in a few seconds. In a few minutes, your video will look more attractive and professional. If you have any issue with the storage of your phone and you cannot download and install due to a storage issue, kinemaster lite is the best version  of kinemaster where you can edit any type of video and it will easily install on your smart phone and take less storage. Therefore, it will easily be installed on your smart phone.

Kinemaster Lite APK

Version 7.0
File size 20 MB
App by KineMaster Corporation
Android required 4.1 and up
Premium Service Free
Installs 500,000+

Download Here New Version

KineMaster Lite

All of the kinemasters have versions because if you want to use some features that were not free, then you have to use the paid version for this. For this, kinemaster lite has launched the version of kinemaster lite .

The Downloading Process Kinemaster Lite

  • To begin, click the kinemaster download button.

  • Then appears a download link. Click on it.

  • It will take some time to complete.

  • After downloading, click on the installation process.

  • At the end, congratulation. You have downloaded Kinemaster Lite successfully.


Kinemaster lite will provide all the features of the  version where you can use all the paid versions of kinemaster lite. You  can use it free of charge without paying. You will be allowed to use it totally free without any charges.

In kinemaster lite New Version, you can use the 3D transition with animation function. You can choose all these effects for your videos. By applying these features, you can make video simpler and more professional.

It consists of many features:

  1. Chroma key.

  2. 3D transition.

  3. multi-layer.

  4. audio recording.

  5. The chroma key:

Chroma Key is the best key that will provide you with the best  features. By using this key, you can edit your video with high professionalism, and you can change the background as well.

2.3D transition.

A 3D transition is also present in kine master lite, where you can edit a transition effect on your video for free.


There are multilayers provided by our own kinemaster, with all its amazing features and professional look in kinemaster lite, and you can add different multiple layers to the videos.

4.Audio Recording:

In kinemaster lite, there is an audio recording function present where you can record any audio from your device.

Other Features:

  • It is easy in use.

  • It has latest theme.

  • Speed control able.

  • Camera build up portion.

  • High picture quality videos.

  • It works on simple commands.

  • New user interface.

  • Extra advanced editing.

  • Take less time for exporting.

  • Supported high quality of content.

    Download Here New Version

Why kinemaster lite?

Some people have storage issues on their smart phones, so they can not use the kinemaster. So kinemaster has provided the lite version, which can help you so that everyone can download it without any issue. Other kinemasters Editing Tools have greater storage capacity and can not properly work on small-sized smart phones, so we recommend the lite version of kinemaster, which is best for you .


This application is basically made for editing purposes. Because of some of the storage issues, people cannot download KineMaster, so KineMaster has made it easy for people by making kinemaste lite. It is so easy to use, it is user-friendly; and you can use it in a proper way without any issues. So don’t forget to download kinemaster light from our website or

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I get Kinemaster Lite?

You can download kinemaster lite from our website.

Is this safe or not?

Yes, this is totally free. You can enjoy all its features by downloading KineMaster Lite.

On which smart phones does Kinemaster work?

Other kinemasters can not properly work on small smart phones, but kinemaster lite supports all small smart phones with its small storage. Therefore, this works properly on small phones rather than others.

Who is the owner of all kinemasters?

The CEO of KineMaster is Taek Lim.

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